Marilyn D. Cotton

Recording Artist since 1936, age of three

Marilyn Cotton 1955

1933 Born in Red Bank, TN

Earliest Memory:

Marilyn recalls that on the morning of her third birthday she awakened to a houseful of adults who eyed her with mischief and delight.

"I got up, and there was snow on the ground which was unusual for Tennessee. It was pre-war times, and because of the Depression, all the families had moved in together. We had Mother, Daddy, Sister and her husband, Eugene. THeyworked at a printing press. Aunt Pansy, Daddy's half-sister and two half-brothers Howard and Harold, all moved in when their parents died.

"Oh, here's the birthday girl! Happy Birthday, Mary!"

I felt that I had to tell Terry Perry that I was three years old and he wasn't yet three. I remember wearing pajamas that had a buttoned back-end. I ran up the hill, holding up my pajama bottoms, barefooted. I knocked ont he doorr, and his old grandmother came to the door. It was about six in the morning. "is terry here?

Turrry! Murry's here!" she hollered into the house.

Terry got out of bed, sleepy. I held my pajamas on the back leaned into him and announced, "Goodie, goodies, I'm three and you're not."

She held onto her pantsr, ran back down the hill home.


Because He Touched Me, recorded in the 1973 by 39 year old Marilyn, is on Chapel Records REACH OUT AND TOUCH album.
Orchestrated, Arranged and Produced by Fred Bock

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